Developing the next generation microspheres for selective internal radiotherapy of liver malignancies.

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The first and only commercial radioembolization solution based on holmium-166.


Quantitative SPECT and MR imaging properties enable dosimetric treatment verification


Based on more than 20 years of physician-led technological advancement and clinical research

Quirem Medical

Quirem Medical is an emerging medical device company with a mission to develop the next generation microspheres for selective internal radiotherapy (SIRT) treatment of liver malignancies. Our core product, QuiremSpheres®, consists of holmium microspheres that have the unique ability to be accurately and quantitatively imaged.

Every year, close to 700,000 people die from primary liver cancer and a similar number of patients die from secondary, metastatic malignancies in the liver. Treatment options are limited, resulting in a high mortality-over-incidence ratio of 0.93. The treatment of cancer in the liver with SIRT has shown substantial efficacy in numerous trials. However, verification of the SIRT procedure with the widely-used yttrium-90 microspheres is inherently limited.

We believe the key to improved treatment efficacy and success is in imaging and, more importantly, quantifying the biodistribution of particles after the SIRT procedure. This allows clinicians to understand treatment dynamics, improve their treatment strategy and verify for each patient if the planned dose distribution was achieved.  Quirem Medical develops various products, in close collaboration with our clinical partners, to redefine the way SIRT is performed. Our end-goal is to improve treatment outcome, by introducing patient-specific, or voxel-based, treatment planning, imaged-guided administration and dosimetric verification for each procedure.