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The unique image guidance capabilities of QuiremSpheres® are covered in a recent video of the University Medical Centre Utrecht. The video features English subtitles. Click on the link to watch the video.




Quirem Medical is a spin-off company from the University Medical Center Utrecht that specializes in the research & development, manufacturing and commercialisation of QuiremSpheres® for radioembolization.


Every year, close to 700,000 people die from primary liver cancer and a similar number of patients die from secondary, metastatic malignancies in the liver. Unfortunately, treatment options are still limited and as a consequence the mortality-over-incidence ratio is very high: 0.93. The treatment of cancer in the liver with radioembolization has shown substantial efficacy, although the current treatment with Yttrium-90 (90Y) is performed in a veritable “black-box”. Treatment efficacy and success can therefore be significantly improved by enabling effective dosimetry and MRI-based imaging to assist the physician. Compared to the current radioembolization treatment using Yttrium-90 (90Y), the application of Holmium-166 based QuiremSpheres® in the treatment of liver-cancer brings several important benefits.


Firstly, an assessment of the required dose must be made in the pre-treatment stage. As Yttrium cannot be detected using Single Photon Emission Computed Tomography (SPECT), a scout-dose of Technetium is used instead. Unfortunately, the predictive value of Technetium for 90Y is known to be rather poor. In contrast QuiremSpheres® can be detected using SPECT, thus providing a major asset in dosimetry. Secondly, QuiremSpheres® can be imaged by magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) after the treatment, resulting in high resolution maps of the microsphere distribution in the liver which gives powerful insight in the dose distribution to the tumours. This information can be used to decide on further treatment steps and thereby improve patient outcome. Thirdly, QuiremSpheres® can also be monitored in real-time allowing for a real-time, personalised and optimized, patient treatment. Its unique properties make QuiremSpheres® the Next Generation Microspheres for radioembolization.


QuiremSpheres® treatment for liver cancer received CE mark April 1st, 2015


The QuiremSpheres® treatment for liver cancer developed by the University Medical Center (UMC) Utrecht has received the European CE mark for quality and safety. This implies that hospitals throughout Europe can now start using this innovative treatment that uses radioactive holmium microspheres to attack liver tumors. The treatment is being marketed by Quirem Medical, a spin-off company of the UMC Utrecht


Maurice van den Bosch, Jan Siger en FrankNijsen met het CE-certificaat


 FLTR; Professor Maurice v.d. Bosch, CEO Jan Sigger, Associate-Professor and CSO Frank Nijssen

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Terumo Corporation and Quirem Medical Expand Strategic Alliance, including a global distribution agreement and a future buy-out option – January 29th, 2016


Terumo will become the exclusive global distributor for the radioembolization solutions developed by Quirem Medical and has furthermore obtained a buy-out option. Read the official Terumo news statement here.


The official announcement has also featured in an article published in “het Financieele Dagblad” of 29th January, 2016 (Dutch Financial Newspaper). Click the link to read the article (Dutch) Quirem Medical – Financieel Dagblad – 29 January 2016


Quirem Medical - Financieel Dagblad - 29th January, 2016


Terumo Invests in Quirem Medical, Focusing on Interventional Oncology Field – September 9th, 2015


Terumo Corporation and Quirem Medical B.V., a commercial stage Dutch medical technology company that focuses on radioembolization, today announced that Terumo has made an equity investment in Quirem Medical. Read More