December 4, 2017

Quirem Medical congratulates the Radboud UMC with the Holmium Translational Research Group of Dr. Frank Nijsen

As one of the founders of Quirem Medical, Dr. Frank Nijsen has been instrumental in the successful valorisation of the Holmium microsphere proposition for the treatment of liver tumours, which he developed at the University Medical Centre Utrecht. His transition to The Radboud University Medical Centre marks a further milestone in the academic career of Dr. Frank Nijsen and is a clear recognition of the value that his research group has for cancer care in general and liver cancer patients in particular. The Radboud University Medical Centre offers unparalleled facilities and expertise in the area of image guided interventions, radiobiology and immune therapy, which provides an optimal research environment for the further development of the holmium microsphere technology in an experimental interventional nuclear medicine setting.