Therapy with Holmium microspheres now also used for head and neck tumors

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Researchers at UMC Utrecht are developing an innovative cancer treatment with the help of a grant from Alpe d’HuZes/Dutch Cancer Society (KWF) of nearly 300,000 euros. The treatment involves the injection of radioactive beads into tumors, thereby enabling a very precise localized radiotherapy.

Direct injection of radioactive beads may be an effective treatment of tumors that are difficult or impossible to remove surgically. This is the basic principle of medical biologist Dr. Frank Nijsen, dental surgeon Dr. Robert van Es and nuclear physician Dr. Marnix Lam of UMC Utrecht. They are working together with Dr. Bas van Nimwegen of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of Utrecht University to treat head and neck tumors with radioactive beads. For the full details of this project please use the following link

Quirem Medical expects to make these Holmium microspheres commercially available for the treatment of liver tumors in the second quarter of 2015

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