First production run at the ÚJV Řež, a. s. radiopharmaceutical facilities in Czech Republic

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PRAGUE, 5th of November 2018

QuiremSpheres® is commercially available in Europe and the application in clinical practice is growing fast. With the increased demand for QuiremSpheres®, a collaboration was established by Quirem Medical, the manufacturer of QuiremSpheres® and ÚJV Řež, a. s. producer of radiopharmaceuticals, to create a dedicated facility for the production of QuiremSpheres® at the ÚJV Řež, a. s. site. With this production site at a geographically strategic location, the delivery of QuiremSpheres to liver cancer patients across Europe is further secured. The first production run was performed under GMP classified conditions.

QuiremSpheres® consists of millions of microspheres that contain the radioactive isotope holmium-166. In recent trials, holmium microspheres were shown to be safe[1] and effective[2] for the treatment of advanced liver cancer. Unlike the widely-adopted Yttrium-90 microspheres for SIRT, holmium microspheres can be visualized by means of SPECT and MRI, even in low concentrations. This allows clinicians to quantitively assess the distribution of microspheres in the liver, allowing evaluation of treatment success directly after the SIRT procedure.

Jan Sigger, CEO of Quirem Medical B.V. – the manufacturer of QuiremSpheres® said: “We are excited that through our collaboration with ÚJV Řež, a. s. we can successfully support the further expansion of our sales in Europe”.

Patrik Špátzal, Head of Radiopharmaceuticals Division at ÚJV Řež, a. s. said: “We are happy to contribute to the improvement of treatment of liver malignancies”.

About Quirem

Quirem Medical is an emerging medical device company with a mission to develop the next generation microspheres for targeted interventional treatment of liver malignancies. It is based in Deventer, the Netherlands and is a spin-off company from the University Medical Center in Utrecht.

About ÚJV Řež, a. s.

ÚJV Řež, a. s. is a Czech technological company and leading provider of complex services for nuclear engineering, energy industry, safety, reliability and efficiency, including a long tradition in research, development and production of radiopharmaceuticals. The Radiopharmaceuticals Division currently primarily focuses on development and production of positron emission tomography (PET) radiopharmaceuticals, as well as building and operating PET centers, but its activities are not limited to them.

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