QuiremScout receives CE mark

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Terumo Europe today announced that QuiremScout® has received CE mark, making it available as the first and only CE marked product indicated for SIRT work up, for clinical centers throughout Europe. QuiremScout® is designed to advance the SIRT work-up procedure. It does this by improving the accuracy of predicting lung shunting and the intrahepatic distribution, which aims to optimize SIRT patient selection and treatment planning. QuiremScout® has been developed by Quirem Medical and will be exclusively distributed by Terumo.

“The commercial introduction of QuiremScout™ is an important next step towards what we believe will be a true paradigm shift in SIRT,” said Peter Coenen, President of Interventional Systems Terumo EMEA. “QuiremScout™ paves the road for increasing confidence in SIRT patient selection and to allow for personalized treatment planning based on each patients individual needs. QuiremScout™ completes our SIRT portfolio, which is built around QuiremSpheres® and Q-Suite™.

Up until today, Tech-99m-MAA (99mTc-MAA) is used for SIRT work-up procedures around the world in the absence of an alternative.  The limited predictive value of 99mTc-MAA has been recognized by the field and this is why QuiremScout™ has been developed.

QuiremScout™ has the potential to truly improve the accuracy of the SIRT work-up procedure. It leverages the unique features of Holmium-166 PLLA-microspheres,” Frank Nijsen, Chief Scientific Officer of Quirem Medical and Associate Professor Interventional Nuclear Medicine at the Radboud University Medical Center in the Netherlands explains “Holmium microspheres emit primary gamma photons and can therefore be imaged in low concentrations using SPECT. Because the scout dose particles are identical in terms of size, weight and shape as those used for QuiremSpheres® therapy, the scout dose gives an improved prediction of the post-therapeutic lung shunt. We expect QuiremScout™ will also lead to improved prediction of the extrahepatic deposition and intrahepatic absorbed dose distribution.”

“QuiremScout™ has improved our clinical SIRT practice,” Prof. Dr. M. Lam, Head of Nuclear Medicine at the University Medical Center Utrecht (UMCU) said, “Based on data from more than 80 patients, we have demonstrated that QuiremScout™ is safe in this population and is a better predictor for lung shunting than 99mTc-MAA. As a result, we really feel that we have optimized our SIRT patient selection. In addition, we have established that QuiremScout™ is also a better predictor for the post-treatment intrahepatic distribution when compared to 99mTc-MAA. Notably, QuiremScout™ in combination with 99mTc-colloid enables Dual-Isotope SPECT/CT technology allowing for rapid auto-segmentation of the healthy liver tissue. In our experience QuiremScout™ microspheres outperforms 99mTc-MAA. Therefore, we have decided to completely switch to QuiremScout™ for all QuiremSpheres® work-up procedures.”

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