Imageable microspheres for SIRT work-up

a personalized approach to sirt

Visualizing SIRT success from the start

QuiremScout® is used to safely evaluate the distribution of intra-arterially injected microspheres prior to performing SIRT. The insights gained with QuiremScout® can be used by the treating physician to make an informed decision about the expected safety and efficacy of the SIRT procedure. Studies show that lung-shunt and intrahepatic distribution can be more accurately assessed with QuiremScout® compared to the commonly used surrogate Tech-99m-MAA.

1. QuiremScout® is better at predicting lung shunting than the commonly used surrogate Tech-99m-MAA.1

2. QuiremScout® is better at predicting the intrahepatic distribution than the commonly used surrogate Tech-99m-MAA.2

3. QuiremScout® is proven clinically safe in a population of 82 patients.3

4. QuiremScout® enables dual isotope technology. 

5. QuiremScout® uses the same particles and method of administration as QuiremSpheres®, optimally simulating the QuiremSpheres® SIRT procedure.

– “In clinical practice, lung absorbed doses are significantly overestimated by pretreatment diagnostic 99mTc­MAA imaging. Pretreatment diagnostic 166Ho-microsphere SPECT/CT imaging accurately predicts lung absorbed doses after 166Ho radioembolization.” Elschot et al. Eur J Nucl Med Mol Imaging (2014) 41:1965-1975

– “A holmium-166 scout dose is safe in a clinical setting.; Holmium-166 scout dose is a safe alternative for 99mTc-MAA for radioembolisation work-up.; Holmium-166 scout dose potentially has several benefits over 99mTc-MAA for radioembolisation work-up.” Braat et al. Eur Rad (2017) 28, 3: 920–928

– “Holmium-166 scout dose seemed superior to 99mTc-MAA in predicting the intrahepatic distribution.” Dassen et al. Abstract 1507.4 CIRSE 2018

Particle shapeQuiremScoutTech-99m-MAA
Gamma-radiation81 keV141 keV
Materialpoly(L-lactic acid)MAA
Diameter30 (15-60) μm1-150 μm

Scout Therapy

Quiremscout® in a 73-yo female HCC-patient

QuiremScout® - Case example

A 73-yo female patient suffering from HCC received a scout dose of Holmium-166 microspheres (QuiremScout®) prior to SIRT. The distribution of the scout dose microspheres was used to evaluate the safety/efficacy profile of the SIRT treatment. Use the slider on the left to compare the scout and post-therapy SPECT/CT images. Click below to read more about this case.

QuiremScout® is indicated for patients that are eligible for SIRT treatment of liver tumors.

QuiremScout® is intended for evaluation of lung-shunt, extrahepatic deposition and intrahepatic distribution of intra-arterially injected microspheres.

QuiremScout® is contraindicated for patients that

  • are not eligible for SIRT;
  • have uncorrectable abnormal vascular anatomy that would result in significant reflux of hepatic arterial blood to the lungs, stomach, pancreas or bowel;

You can download the QuiremScout® Instructions for Use on the Product Documentation page.

using microspheres as scout

Personalized SIRT, it starts with QuiremScout®

The effectiveness and safety of SIRT depends on numerous patient related factors, such as anatomy, tumor blood supply, tumor type and tumor staging. It is therefore essential that the expected SIRT treatment outcome is evaluated for each patient individually. QuiremScout® is used to simulate the SIRT treatment, using a safe dose of microspheres identical to those used for the therapy. The QuiremScout® scan can be used by the clinical team to make an informed and patient-specific clinical decision whether SIRT is likely to be beneficial.

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