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To learn more about Selective Internal Radiation Therapy (SIRT) and the unique benefits of our products, visit our patient information website.

Perform treatment planning with Q-Suite™

Q-Suite™ is software for dosimetric verification of Ho-166 SIRT. A workflow-based user interface makes Q-Suite™ easy to learn and use.

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The Quirem team will attend the virtual CIRSE summit from September 12th - 16th

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The Quirem team will attend ECIO in Stockholm from 11-14 April 2021

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SIRT in four steps

Quirem Medical develops and commercializes radioactive microspheres based on Holmium-166 for Selective Internal Radiation Therapy (SIRT). Holmium-166 microspheres can be visualized and quantified to facilitate patient selection, therapy planning and treatment verification. Through our innovative Holmium-166 platform technology, we aim to empower physicians to further drive treatment outcome of unresectable liver cancer after SIRT in four simple steps:


Select only those patients that are likely to benefit from SIRT. Use QuiremScout®,  a safe dose of holmium microspheres, to evaluate the biodistribution of particles prior to therapy in your patients.


Use our software package Q-SuiteTM to calculate required treatment activity,  predict lung dose, and simulate the treatment with QuiremSpheres®


Treat with QuiremSpheres®, the next-generation microspheres, indicated for treatment of unresectable liver tumors. Click here to learn what value QuiremSpheres® can bring to your clinic.


Use our software package Q-SuiteTM to determine SIRT succes right after the procedure, by evaluating the absorbed dose in the lesions and normal liver tissue

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