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At Quirem Medical we believe treatment outcome of unresectable liver cancer with SIRT can be improved by using microspheres that can be visualized and quantified to improve patient selection, planning and treatment verification. Will you join us in developing and commercializing the next-generation SIRT microspheres?

Meet the Quirem team

Alexandra Arranja
Alexandra Arranja Senior R&D Scientist
Alinde Smits
Alinde Smits QA/RA Support officer
Anet de Haan
Anet de Haan Finance Manager
Anneke Steenhuis
Anneke Steenhuis Company Secretary
Carla de Wals
Carla de Wals R&D Scientist
Diana Velthuis
Diana Velthuis Production & QC Chemist
Dilara Dandin
Dilara Dandin QA/RA Support officer
Eline Ekkelenkamp
Eline Ekkelenkamp Clinical Support Officer
Esther Fix
Esther Fix Project Leader
Feiko Tiessens
Feiko Tiessens Imaging Specialist
Frank Nijsen
Frank Nijsen Co-founder and CSO
Gerbert Groot-Enzerink
Gerbert Groot-Enzerink Production & QC Chemist
Gerhard van Wolfswinkel
Gerhard van Wolfswinkel Manager PMO
Gerrit van de Maat
Gerrit van de Maat Manager Imaging & Software Solutions
Harald Bouman
Harald Bouman QA Manager
Ilona Lagerweij
Ilona Lagerweij Production & QC Chemist
Jan Sigger
Jan Sigger Founder and CEO
Jerfaas Haalboom
Jerfaas Haalboom Supply Chain Manager
Jessica Versloot Stomp
Jessica Versloot Stomp Production & QC Chemist
John Mittendorf
John Mittendorf QA Manager
Jose van Ommen
Jose van Ommen Project Leader
Marloes Hackman
Marloes Hackman Production & QC Chemist
Martina Stella
Martina Stella Research Scientist
Matthijs Dijk
Matthijs Dijk Production & Quality Control Manager
Maurice Vink
Maurice Vink Jr. Product Manager
Nezar Nassar
Nezar Nassar Supply Chain Officer
Rachid El Khoulati
Rachid El Khoulati Hotlab Operations Officer
Rijk de Jong
Rijk de Jong Medical Director
Sander Poelert
Sander Poelert Manager Marketing & Product Management
Stuart Koelewijn
Stuart Koelewijn R&D Scientist Chemistry & Radiobiology
Tayser I. Yagob Mohamed
Tayser I. Yagob Mohamed Hotlab Controller & Research Support